Information-Security Institute ® is dedicated and committed to providing the tools necessary to achieve your professional goals. The membership will help you update and communicate the challenges of connecting your experience and qualifications to get the proper assignment. In addition, the membership provides insights on leadership, regular thought leadership articles and guidance, a newsletter, and an annual report with insights into the vibrant world of global corporate governance and business governance.

Since 2005 we have set the global standard in Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, and IT Security. Besides education & certification, Information-Security Institute membership is twofold.

  • The explicitly designed membership will help The board of directors, senior management, and Corporate Governance professionals to keep abreast and get certified in the components and activities of Good Governance.
  • The Information-Security Institute Corporate membership provides companies, organisations and businesses with the assurance and certification based on national and international Corporate Governance standards to enhance the trust and credibility of employees, customers and stakeholders and demonstrate Good Governance based on a “proper assessment”.

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  • Updates on current Good Governance activities
  • Regular self-assessments on accountability, transparency, integrity, ethics, and related topics
  • Global Corporate Governance Global Stewardship Plan
  • Global Corporate Governance Principles
  • E-newsletters on critical articles in the business press
  • Annual CPE credit for participating in the member events
  • One annual online GDPR/GRC or IT Security certificate course from the e-compliance academy
  • The complementary electronic copy of Information-Security Institute Annual update
  • Your subscription will renew automatically unless you cancel.

Membership advantages:

The online courses, study and exam process provides the participants with an exceptional opportunity to get in touch with the recent updates and the practical basics, best practices and principles. An annual refresher on the Corporate Governance principles and basics will get the deserved attention of ‘’getting the job done’’ in the best possible manner.

The corporate Governance certification program is the ideal way to address the regulatory compliance issues and concerns. The corporate certification is the proof that the organisation protects the Governance principles, conducts regular due diligence, and updates the processes with global best practices, recognised standards and Information-Security Institute framework. Based on the certification, the company will enhance and manage the structured Good Corporate Governance and IT Governance combined with the complexities of meeting multi-jurisdictional requirements.

Membership includes training, certificates, and a Good Governance Toolkit

Besides the above-stated advantages, Information-Security Institute membership program provides a global network, link up, and opportunities with your peers. You also get access to a wide range of generic templates, policies, procedures, IT tools and documents required for the high-quality implementation, execution monitoring, controlling and the disclosures of Good Corporate Governance.

We provide the tools necessary to achieve your professional goals.

Update and communicate the challenges, connect your experience and qualifications with insights, high level resources, intelligence and tools that are unmatched in their scope and depth. These are proven practical hands-on guidance and maximum accessibility. Join full membership, participate in peer-learning networks, attend an online conference, watch a webcast, or read our newsletters.