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EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Certified Expert Practitioner (CEP) Component of the 3-day GDPR Foundation, DPO and Practitioner Seminar

The Data- Privacy, Protection, IT and Cybersecurity components need both Data Resilience and an enterprise-wide risk-based GDPR strategy that proactively manages threats, dangers and impacts on critical personal information and the corporate assets.

The third day of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Certified Expert Practitioner (CEP) training seminar can provide participants with the practical understanding of the GDPR implications, processes and requirements for global organisations to comply;

  • Due to the continued and growing dependence on the changing scope of information, communications, and security practice, IT Security issues have evolved from the corporate focus on Information Security to Cyber Security and Resilience.
  • Due to the increased systematic and online stakeholder engagement, IT and cybersecurity can no longer merely be focused on the technology alone but involves a joint approach that is driven top down to include every employee from HR to Supply Chain.

The GDPR CEP training course focuses on the practical application of the regulation; how the data protection principles work in practice, what are the policies and procedures necessary to ensure an integrated implementation. The CEP seminar further provides hands-on guidance on how to implement adequate privacy, cyber and information security compliance programme, including:

  1. A case study to demonstrate GDPR best practices & methodologies
  2. How to prepare a GDPR compliance plan
  3. Legal requirements for a DPIA (data protection impact assessment)
  4. Why and how to conduct a data mapping exercise
  5. How to prepare for GDPR compliance using a compliance gap assessment tool
  6. The mechanisms for compliance, when transferring personal data outside the EU
  7. Seals and certification mechanisms
  8. Option on a number of workshops; DPIA, Data Transfers, HR- and , Marketing Compliance, Data Processor Agreements, Creating a Inventory/Data Base

Passed FAS and DPO certification exam.

A link to FAS and DPO presentations and blogs and several other reading material will be provided.

Exam Overview
Certified Expert Professional Examination:
You will take the Certified EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) CEP Examination at the end of the training course. It is a 90-minute, multiple-choice, certificated exam set by Copenhagen Compliance. The exam is taken on-line so you need to bring a ‘pop-up enabled’ laptop to the venue. Smart phones and tablets are not quite suitable for the exam.
Full details on the seminar and the exam will be provided by email before the seminar.