GDPR Certification


The Information Security Institute code-of-conduct (certification mechanism) provides a platform for data controllers and processors to ensure a structured and efficient means for GDPR compliance.

There is significant administrative and documentation burden to establish and maintain compliance with a code of conduct or earning certification status.

  • These costs can be offset by reducing audit costs and automation
  • Certification can serve as marketing tools, allowing data subjects to choose controllers signaling GDRP compliance
  • They also will likely play a significant role in facilitating cross-border data transfers.

The Information Security Institute Certification mechanisms can create business opportunities for new third-party administrators and programs as effective means for determining binding promises by controllers and processors

The advantages of an Information Security Institute Certification are; (CADET)

  • Controls for the exchange of information by electronic means between stakeholders (controllers, processors and supervisory authorities) for binding corporate rules; mutual assistance
  • Adherence by all parties concerned to an approved code of conduct to achieve GDPR compliance
  • Demonstrate compliance with the obligations of all stakeholders incl. the Controller and allow data subjects to evaluate the level of data protection of products and services
  • Enhance transparency and compliance with GDPR regulation to ensure adequate standards of protection to and by a third party, country or territory or a specified sector within standard GDPR protection clauses; formats and procedures
  • The FAS examination process certifies the GDPR implementation acts; for standard contractual clauses between the primary stakeholders (controllers and processors and between processors, codes of conduct, as well as technical standards)

Obtaining a Information Security Institute’s GDPR certification

IT Professionals, Consultants and Companies have two options, one is to get a one size fits all general certification awarded by a number of bodies across the global certification environment or get Information Security Institute’s certification accredited by The Information Security Institute.

The Information Security Institute's codes-of-conduct and certification

The Information Security Institute’s codes-of-conduct and certification guidance and mechanisms provide the Board of Directors, Management and primary Stakeholders (controllers and processors) an efficient means for GDPR compliance.

The Information Security Institute certification courses and seminars are reviewed and approved by;

The GDPR certification is given The EUGDPR Institute and The Information-Security Institute by Copenhagen Compliance® and its partners that have approved and certified the curriculum. The certification is further based on the directive and legislation that spells out in details the implementation, execution, monitoring of Data Privacy, Data Protection and IT Security mandates. The curriculum covers the role of the DPO, Controller, Processor, accountability, transparency, responsibility, best practices, and corporate feedback (from 100+ GDPR workshops, Seminars and Masterclass). However, the entire curriculum is based on implementation recommendations from the ISOs 27001, 29100, 31000, 19600 and 29134, and guidance by several supervisory agencies. Finally, the entire presentation, including case studies, guidance and templates are from our extensive training and certification experience on Good Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and IT Security activities since 2005.