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Information Security is everyone’s responsibility

The protection of Information/data has three classic goals: the confidentiality of information, the integrity of information and systems, and the availability of information and systems. The protection of Information processing systems/tools from failure and the necessary resilience of IT systems is fundamental to maintaining

Data records are lost or stolen at the following frequency


Number of Breach Incidents by Industry

Our approach towards the complete range of Information Security goes way beyond any checkbox exercise. In all our training, seminars and certifications we always aim to support, provide guidance and deliver a strong message on how to protect the organisations, its assets and its values through Information Security, Data and IT Security issues. All our training, seminars and certifications are based on holistic and effective governance, risk assessment and compliance framework that addresses the specific challenges the organisation or the individual faces.

Our training and certification modules encompass all components of Information Security issues including:

  • Security Program
  • The Elements of Security Controls
  • Core Information Security Principles
  • Information Security Management Governance
  • Organisational Security Models
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Security Roles and Responsibilities
  • Enterprise-wide Security Oversight
  • Common Computer Ethics Fallacies
  • Information Risk Management
  • Information Classification
  • Security Awareness, Training, and Education

We believe that our seminar participants and clients have benefited tremendously from our ability to provide practical compliance solutions at competitive costs and expedite the design and implementation of monitoring of the mandated controls.

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The Uncompromising World of Information Security

Information- IT- and Data-protection and security issues are one of the most significant concerns impacting the corporate world today, due to;

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The core principles of our Information-Security seminars is SCALE:

Therefore, these components are the critical mechanisms to protect corporate and IT values and information assets.