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About Information Security Institute

Information-Security Institute provides a one platform one-stop-shop for Network Security- Information Security- Cyber Security- IT Security issues. The unique ways to support the problems are thru training, certification, technical support and ensure continued development and evolution to be the best complete advisory on the market.

The past years information-, and cybersecurity issues has a significant impact on corporations and computers worldwide; cyber criminals are leveraging sophisticated methods to infect machines and, in some cases, extort ransoms from companies and victims; and ransomware is used in a wide range of cyber crime activity, including email phishing campaigns and destructive attacks.

Organisations that adopt security hygiene methods, security solutions and best practices, have cyber resilience and incident response plans and employ the right mix of people and processes for dealing with the various threat scenarios and attacks described could at least minimise damage and impact from them.

To address the above issues The Information-Security Institute offers:

  • Inhouse Workshops
  • 1-4-day Information-and Cyber Security Certification seminars
  • Annual Conferences

The Uncompromising World of Information Security

Information- IT- and Data-protection and security issues are one of the most significant concerns impacting the corporate world today, due to;

  • The increasing regulatory complexities combined with the implementation sophistication of data and IT security makes the technical IT problems rather intricate.
  • The overall lack of cybersecurity and data breaches has led to the greatest data breaches and the loss of data records on a global scale.
  • Multiple factors such as laws, level of IT maturity and the size of data breaches has influenced the general corporate focus on data protection in general and cyber-attacks in particular.

The above factors make it imperative for the organisations to revamp their current data, IT and information security strategies.

Data records and information security refer to any piece of information that when breached can put an individual or organisation at risk. Besides the general information, any sensitive data like patents, intellectual property, medical records or banking details makes the data breach level alarming and raises eyebrows at the board level.

The low rate of technological adoption makes certain organisations, businesses and sometimes even countries more susceptible to mega breachesare classified as hotspots that are prune to continued hacker and criminal focus. The compromised data is later used for malicious purposes, probably causing reputational damage to the business.

According to the global Breach Level Index, over 9.7 billion data records and a total of 10 million identities are either lost or stolen globally due to severe data breaches and cybercrime.

The core principles of our Information-Security seminars is SCALE:

Therefore, these components are the critical mechanisms to protect corporate and IT values and information assets.

Our Code of Business Conduct
At Information-Security Institute, it is vital that we do business the right way by applying the highest standards of SCALE to our daily business practices. Our Code of Business Conduct provides guidance and mandates to navigate through ethical and compliance matters in our daily dealings with all stakeholders.

Our Governance Framework
When we create an information security program for our clients, we will start with having the proper IT governance structure in place. Governance is the framework that together with a roadmap will ensure that the nominated security strategies align with your business objective and goals. Our IT Governance solution will bridge the gap between business processes and information security so that all employees can efficiently work together through defined roles, responsibilities and accountabilities to meet the GRC values.

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