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It gives us great pleasure to inform you of the GDPR FAS, DPO and CEP certification seminar in Brussels organised by The EUGDPR Institute by Copenhagen Compliance. The past events all over Europe were extremely positive, primarily due to the hands-on approach in providing structured implementation guidance. The EUGDPR Institute GDPR series has now continued for almost a year and collected momentum from more than 40 global events on the data privacy and data protection subjects.

GDPR (The European Union General
Data Protection Regulation) seminar

14th May, 2019
Eurostarshotel Montgomery Avenue de Tervueren, 134 – 1150 Brussels, Belgium

2 day seminar on Data Protection Officer
DPO training and certification seminar

15th May 2019
Eurostarshotel Montgomery Avenue de Tervueren, 134 – 1150 Brussels, Belgium

Certified Expert Professional (CEP) Component of 3-day GDPR Foundation,
DPO and Professional Seminar

16th May, 2019
Eurostarshotel Montgomery Avenue de Tervueren, 134 – 1150 Brussels, Belgium

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Participating at the seminars, meeting peers to exchange data privacy ideas and data protection thoughts on the GDPR challenges that we will face to the discharge of our IT security and data protection duties, and at the same time to stay professionally updated on the best practices.

The most updated seminar is the 3-day certification event on the Data Protection Officer (DPO). Many companies will be walking a tightrope to comply with the regulation even though the goal is to maintain full compliance. Implementation of GDPR will, in most cases, result in continuous barriers or deal-stoppers.

Participants at the seminar will go thru a structured post-implementation methodology to improve and juggle the multiple GDPR applications and tasks to ensure compliance.


Kersi F Porbunderwalla

Secretary General
Copenhagen Compliance

Darine Fayed

Head of Legal & DPO

The DPO is accountable to ensure compliance
During the 3-day DPO certification seminar, we will go thru the responsibilities of wearing many hats. First and foremost, to ensure compliance with the obligations under GDPR and other relevant legislation. In practical terms, the DPO must set defendable retention periods for personal data, authorising specific workflows that allow data to be accessed, outline how retained data is made anonymous and to monitor the systems to ensure the data controllers/data processors work to protect private customer data. He is an ombudsman.

The DPO’s significant role also requires to identify the risks, take proactive steps to assess, manage and improve risk intelligence to identify GDPR issues and act as a trusted partner to data controllers and processors and advise on the best way to navigate through the regulatory maze of GDPR.

The developments in technology and the regulatory regime of GDPR requires that companies engage in meaningful dialogue on a variety of data transfer, binding corporate rules, and representation topics that are of current and future interest. The speakers will provide hands-on guidance to address the GDPR implementation, notification and the dramatic changes that can have far-reaching and long-term consequences for many companies.

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